Osceola Adventist® Christian School

Providing Christian education with solid roots for VPK to grade 8.

Grades 5-6

Principal - 5th & 6th Grades - Mrs. Nieves Jenkins


Classroom Mission

Anti-Bullying Pledge

Mission & Vision:

  • My Commitment to God- I will honor my God, put a smile on Jesus’ face, and be willing to obey His will because I love Him.
  • My Commitment to Others- Because I have Jesus in my heart, I will use kind words,  show respect to all, and be a helpful Christian to everyone around me.
  • My Commitment to Myself- I will set high standards of obedience, respect, and responsibility. I will be positive about my gifts and talents because, Jesus made me and loves me.


Teacher’s Commitment:

A teacher is a God-fearing servant, prayer worrier, and vessel in the Potter’s hands. She daily walks a fine line between discipline and love; striving endlessly to motivate not dictate, and when in doubt, leans towards mercy. A teacher is remembered for seeing the worth in every student; encouraging the defeated, educating the struggling, and challenging the gifted. Finally, a teacher will embrace each morning as she faces a classroom of future scientists, mathematicians, preachers, and heirs of the King. It is my earnest prayer to be that type of teacher for my students.


  • Jesus in our Day
  • Individualized Instructions
  • Standard-based Learning
  • Outdoor Education Trip
  • Responsive Classroom
  • Enrichment
  • RTI