Pre-Kindergarten - Elisabeth Mercado 



Mrs. Mercado is our Pre-Kindergarten teacher at OACS! Mrs. Mercado loves the outdoors and is committed to teach her students how to appreciate all of God’s creation. 
Mrs. Mercado's favorite Bible verse is: “Do not be afraid for I am with you.” Isaiah 43:5.  Mrs. Mercado's goal is to teach that just like the children of Israel had to confront many trials in the desert, including fierce animals; God protected them, and He is also there for us. So our Pre-K students learn that if they’re feeling scared, just say a prayer by repeating the memory verse and God is sure to provide comfort. 
Mrs. Mercado's goal is to create a solid academic foundation that will help facilitate each child’s future learning experiences. Still, her most important goal is that each child learns that God is the Creator of this world, that each of us are His creations, that we are to love and respect each other, and to care for each other the same way we would for ourselves.