Covid-19 Update - 10/10/2021

Dear Parents,


I pray all is well with you and your families. OACS has been blessed and our loving Heavenly Father has kept us in sickness and in health. As we navigate through a third school year in the shade of a world pandemic, it is our pleasure to thank you for your cooperation and support.


As always, after consulting the CDC and Health Department guidelines, the advice of the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, and our local School Board we are pleased to bring back some procedures and events we all missed:

  • Field Trip plans and arrangements have started
  • The drinking fountain will be available to refill water bottles, with supervision
  • The microwaves will be allowed, with supervision
  • The multipurpose room will reopen for lunch as needed per class
  • Food deliveries will be accepted for emergencies


We will continue the following procedures:

  • Limited access to the buildings
  • Masks are still to be worn
  • Regular sanitation will continue throughout all the buildings
  • Regular handwashing will be practiced
  • Social distancing will stay in place
  • We will continue temperature checks


Please remember to pack plasticware, extra clean masks, and water bottles if you are not providing a water bottle for refilling. We will continue to notify parents of any exposure to Covid-19 or positive Covid-19 tests. Once more, thank you for your faithfulness and diligence through this trying situation. May the Lord continue to watch over all His children and our lighthouse in Kissimmee.





Nieves F. Jenkins

Principal & Instructor