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Nehemiah - For the Joy of the Lord is our Strength

Have you ever thought of how our struggles and victories with relationships resemble the story of Nehemiah? This thought came to my mind when God opened doors for my family to move to Kissimmee; Nehemiah’s Walls, OACS’ Bridges- a journey of rebuilding through prayer, faith, and perseverance.


Nehemiah was a humble man, passionate for his people and willing to restore not only walls, but faith and matters of the heart. OACS, a humble place with passionate people, willing to serve God, do right by their children, and richly bless each other with legitimate relationships of service and love. Both embracing the opportunity to build.


Restoring bridges and growing relationships is an ongoing journey. Oh! But, what a beautiful lesson we teach our children when they see how God works in our lives when we are stretched to love those we call our brothers and sisters. Every year brings challenges that keep us on our knees. Every day begins with yet another situation that needs our attention and more prayers. As long as we are on earth there will always be another concern to keep us praying. Yesterday’s victories will humble us to try harder.


May the Lord give us the strength to keep building and restoring relationships.  Think of the walls and bridges in your life, as you ponder on these select words from Nehemiah 8:10- “Then he said unto them, “Go your way, ... send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared… neither be ye sorry… for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”

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